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Welcome to Simplified Edu!

Simplified Edu. Ltd is a company founded and known for what it represents. Registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in 2014, we simplify complex concepts with the aid of Information Technology in learning and communication.

Simplified Education is a one-stop point which meets the learning needs of every individual; a place where you learn how things work in the most conducive and fun way possible.

At Simplified Education, concepts and principles are presented in a way which targets the three different learning memory of an individual (Visual, Kinesthetic and Auditory Memory). Hence an individual can relate a newly learnt concept with an already existing concept to create, innovate or possibly invent something new; making the individual addicted to learning not because he/she is mandated to do so but because it is fun to do.

We make use of pictures, animations, illustrations, audios, videos and other learning aid to meet and achieve this goal.


To ensure that everyone becomes a better version of themselves through learning in an amazing simplified fashion while enjoying an experience of success never attained before.


  • To build a library of simplified learning aids to assist and improve the learning process of every individual
  • Design programs and courses that resonates with the core of our daily business and life needs
  • Helping firms and organizations build credible and simplified business system processes
  • Using diagrams, illustrations, videos, audio, motion graphics and simulations to simplify every concept.
  • Simplified Library
  • Simplified Biography (Chronicles)
  • Business Consultancy
  • Curriculum Design
  • Business System Analysis and Design
  • Standard Operations Procedure Development (SOPD)

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